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Flourish - Music for Healing & Meditation


Music by Charley Thweatt 

A Collection of Instrumental Pieces & Vocal Songs
(See for more info on Charley’s recordings, live events, and tours of Italy.)

took a leap of faith from his budding architecture career into touring full-time in 15 countries on six continents with his spiritually inspired concerts. He has a talent for writing music that narrates our inner path of growth and self-discovery. You will recognize your soul’s journey in his words and melodies. Since 1982 Charley has recorded 18 studio albums and toured throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Fiji, Egypt, and Japan. He has also been the musical opener for such luminaries as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Ram Dass, and Louise Hay. Let his many years on the inner healing journey help you on yours.


Download Link: 32 Songs

Song List (Overall Running Time - 3:26:00)
1. The Gentle Valley (7:52) - An inviting and relaxing piano solo to soothe you
2. To Free Myself (4:59) - A song for releasing shame and lifting yourself up
3. Waltz Again Lightly (8:43) - A dreamy, uplifting synth keyboard solo
4. Just Speak The Truth (4:56) - A song encouraging you to be honest with what’s happening
5. Rolling Waters (5:55) - A rhythmic piano solo for your inner peace
6. You’re Healing (8:40) - Simple words that your true healing comes when you touch your core love
7. Open Our Hearts (7:14) - A delicate piano solo for knowing your sensitivity
8. Peace Has Found You (5:26) - A song about peace blessing you in the quiet of your soul
9. You Find It Here (5:09) - Even in the dark places you can find love has always been here
10. Triumphant Vision (6:19) - A synth solo filled with strength and confidence
11. I See My Way Clear (5:21) - One step at a time you discover you’re here for the love
12. Let The Children Play (7:11) - From sadness to playfulness in an electric piano solo
13. Message To Yourself (3:48) - This song reminds you of listening to the wisdom within
14. Beyond All Form (7:12) - A song of meditation and prayer, going beyond this world
15. Passion Dance (5:25) - A piano solo that builds a fire in you and then subsides into peace
16. Let There Be A Healing (7:27) - A song for healing your relationships and yourself
17. Prayer (7:22) - A gentle piano solo of peaceful and quiet inspiration
18. Sailing (5:13) - A song for embracing the unknown while aware of your soul’s growth
19. Once In Scotland (6:05) - A lilting solo piano piece that invites your mind to wander
20. Knowing Myself (4:09) - A song about your need to truly know your core self
21. Sweet Breezes (6:36) - This piano solo is like a light walk on a sweet spring day
22. I Am The Wind (6:13) - A song to let nature envelop you from all around as it hears your story
23. Hearts In Motion (8:26) - This synth solo is like a visit to a higher angel realm
24. Storms Will Come (3:11) - Life knocks you, grows you, and even shows that you can soar
25. Distant Dreams (9:37) - This emotional piano solo blossoms from dark into light
26. Our Awakening (6:38) - A song for knowing that every step in life is part of who you are
27. Canyon Bells (16:24) - Get lost in the canyons of your mind with this synth solo
28. Open Heart, Open Mind (6:06) - A multi-layered song of opening and giving from your heart
29. Dream Away (5:14) - This dreamy synth solo takes you dancing up into the clouds
30. Into Our Freedom (9:10) - Listening and being honest are ways you grow into your freedom
31. Take Your Power Back (3:39) - A rowdy song about your true power being at your center
32. Autobahn Rain (9:12) - A driving synth solo that activates you and mesmerizes you

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